Women Flip Houses Too!

  • Have you always wanted to become a real estate investor and didn't know where to start?
  • Do repair estimates, contractors and home improvements intimidate you?
  • Are you confused about what a good real estate investment really is?
  • Are you wondering how you can invest in real estate without using your own money and your credit scores.
During this course you will learn:
  • Important Real Estate Terms
  • How to evaluate a deal to determine if it is profitable
  • How to make money in real estate without using your own money
  • How to pull comparable
  • How to Wholesale
You will walk away with your own personal workbook and sample contracts to get you started. The info you will receive in this course will be life changing. Investing in real estate is how I built my wealth and I want to show you how you can too!


  • I would like to work with you beautiful sisters!!!

    Shamila Beslow
  • I am interested.

    Samantha Storey
  • Please enroll me on October 27 the women flip houses

    Ida Y. Reed
  • Hi I have had a business called one man 4 hands remodeling homes . My husband left me I froze up . I am ready to get back to work I need your help please I don’t have the money to invest is there a way I can get money to invest and pay it back and keep the ball rolling ? Shirley Roberson . Shirleysmith3000@gmail.com 415-385-1787 thank you god speed to you .

    Shirley Really berson
  • I have signed up for the class on flipping houses for Sept and I am excited to get started


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