About Me

Danita Hayes is a Norfolk, VA native, wife and mother of three.  Danita is an entrepreneur who owns several companies.  She is a real estate broker and co-owner of Victory Allegiance Realty, she is also the Co-Owner of Wall Street Cafe, and Owner of Global Home Investors, Inc.  Danita graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Mass Communications.  She also graduated from Averrett University with a Master’s in Business Administration.  Danita has worked in the real estate Industry for over 15 years+.  In October 2014 Danita opened her own real estate company. Danita has been featured on the Hampton Roads Show multiple times on the real estate Hot spot as a real estate expert.   She also teaches the principles of Real Estate course required for individuals to obtain their real estate license as well as a real estate investment course for women, called Women Flip Houses Too!  Real Estate was the catalyst that afforded Danita to be able to leave her corporate America job and become a full time Entrepreneur.  

Danita is an avid supporter and volunteer for various nonprofit organizations in her community.  Danita also created the 21 Days of Encouragement journal and Talk show to empower, uplift, encourage and motivate women entrepreneurs all over the world to follow their dreams and do what God has called them to do.

Danita is a woman of God whose primary goal is to build God’s Kingdom and to make sure HE is glorified in everything that she does.  Danita is a true willing vessel unto the Lord and is determined to be used by God to demonstrate HIS love and to help his people tap into the true Heartbeat of God.  


Danita is also one of the facilitators of the Life line prayer call every Monday, Wed and Friday at 6:00 am.  The call has been going strong for over 12 years now and Danita was asked to become one the facilitators back in 2016 by the visionary Lenika Scott.  The lifeline prayer call is geared toward helping others tap into their destiny while growing closer to God.  Danita feels that helping others reach their destinies is what God has called her to do.